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“Let me begin by telling my story, I started my interest in FOREX when I attended a seminar here in Sydney. The seminar was encouraging so I attended again with the intention of applying but later on recognized that they wanted me to enroll at once to get my money. It has been the same from all other groups who offer courses but not Jarrett and Vanessa. They’re the only ones who had the patience to explain thoroughly, gives an overview of what the FOREX world is, took the time to answer my emails and started to guide me even before I enrolled in the ‘Beginners Course’.

Since then, I felt at ease and connected with them so I enrolled and got more than I expected. They gave me a well prepared, well presented and all the information that suits my experience. For me, Jarrett and Vanessa (are) about teaching PEOPLE about Forex, not teaching Forex to people (they put people first). Now, a big thanks to them because I feel I am equipped with weapons to tackle and not only survive but to thrive in the FOREX world. So again, a really BIG thanks to them, can’t wait for the Intermediate Course”.

Linor Galang
Sydney, Australia

“I am SO, SO, SO impressed with the quality of the service and training I am getting. You are both so professional and so caring, so genuine and so giving, abundance de-luxe. You guys are wonderful and a PERFECT team. I am happy and proud to be part of the group and will work hard at making the grade. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Corinne Deakin, Advanced Course
Port Elizabeth, ZA

“This course was very cool! I have been studying Forex for some years now, but after this course I am finally starting to see how it’s really done! Vanessa covered several types of trades and showed how she uses all of the various indicators together to determine when to get into and out of a trade. It is finally making a lot of sense to me.

I had accumulated various confusions and misconceptions about Forex trading from my earlier trading, but after completing the new beginner’s course and this latest Intermediate course, it has become very simple. I am much more relaxed with the data and I know how to do it. For the first time, I am able to trade my demo account with a positive trade ratio of over 75% and make positive pips consistently.”

Rick Harrison, Advanced Course
Denver, Colorado

“Joe and I took the Forexchartscapes®™ Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Course and we enjoyed the entirety. It was well laid out, well explained and well demonstrated. Any questions that we had were answered in depth so that there was no misunderstanding. When we had any problems at all, Vanessa went far beyond her capacity of instructor to make sure that all was right.

Watching Vanessa's actions in the Trading Rooms afterwards really cemented all of the techniques that we learned in the course. The only thing that I can think of that could be improved is to put a colored sheet on the outside front of the workbook so that it can be spotted easily. If by chance it is somewhere that visitors can see it, it can do its own advertising for you. We would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the Forex market.”

Cori & Joe Duncanson, Advanced Course
Clearwater, Fl

I am sooooooooooooo glad I took the Adv Course again!I hadn’t taken it in a year. I was not in the live room anymore and had stopped trading the news due to getting in on both sides and I didn’t want to hedge although you’ve taught me how, I’d rather avoid it when I can. Now with the new things I learned in the Adv Course I can trade with renewed confidence anything anytime.

I recommend everyone take the Advanced Course at least once a year if not every six months, because the market changes, we are in volatile times and you, Vanessa, keep up with it all so well! The quality of your instruction is always leading edge. That’s why I rely on you. You are my Scout.

I’m so glad I asked for your help a few years ago when I did, it’s made all the difference in my trading, without your teaching I would have quit trading. Thank God I finally had the nerve to admit I needed help and ask for it. You truly are an Angel sent here to help us all survive!
Your ever grateful student.”

Judy Thomas, Aircraft Engineer, Advanced Course
Oldsmar, Fl

“I thought the Forexchartscapes Beginner's Course was pretty good....so I'm just writing to thank you for facilitating the recently completed Forexchartscapes Intermediate Forex Course. This course has really fired up my enthusiasm and appetite to become a competent, and confident, FX trader. Thanks to your particularly thorough, patient and articulately delivered training, I am having a much higher success rate on my demo account. In fact, I've been doing some Options training as well, which I had thought was great. However, only having a small handful of currency pairs on which to concentrate on in the Forex market, and with easy to understand, regular tutoring and demos from Vanessa, I really feel much more motivated about Forex trading than I do, Options trading. Can't wait for the Advanced Course....thanks again guys.

Mark Taylor, Intermediate Course
Sydney, Australia

“Wow, the advanced course was PACKED with data. It is fantastically useful information and now it is simply a matter of drilling, through demo trading, until I am able to recognize and execute the trades. Vanessa was great, very patient and helpful, and made sure all questions were answered fully. All I can say is, thank you Vanessa, and I look forward to joining you in the advanced trading room.”

Jack Mosher, Advanced Course
Phoenix, Az,

“I am very pleased with the intermediate course! I have been practicing the trade set ups I have learned and having great success. Vanessa is a very good teacher and explains everything thoroughly. Her trading confidence shows in her teaching. Although I have not taken the advanced course or set in the trading room I am confident I can make money with what I have been taught so far. I have ordered the trade set up book and in the process of studying it. The trend-lines are priceless. I don’t think I will ever want to trade without them. I am anxiously awaiting the advanced course. Thanks a million Vanessa!

Geneva Wheeless, Intermediate Course
Round Rock, Tx

“Vanessa, Jarrett and Sanet started out and continue to stay in excellent touch with me in my training. The disciplined gradient approach to this challenging Forex training along with the extra care that I receive at bogged times is a matter of immeasurable value - the alternative is to lose interest in FX trading at these confusion points.

The Intermediate course so fell together when I spent a month with Vanessa and observed her trading these strategies. The advanced course was great as well. I am grateful to know that I have seen most all of the FX trading picture and now one needs to spend the time in Vanessa's advanced training room and thereby achieve the competence and comfort level with the materials needed to be a viable FX Trader for as far into the future as one may desire.

The Money Management advices are practical and great to have in mind. It provides for a correct attitude in looking for a profitable future in this FX trading activity. As well, the guidance for monitoring my progress with statistics and even the selection of the right Broker is much appreciated and indicative of character and integrity of your well thought out and reasonably priced FX training program.

Keep up the good work. I will recommend your program to others.”

Ron Flate, Beginner thru Advanced Course
Beverly Hills, CA

“Here is my feedback on the beginner's course I just completed. I found the beginner's training to be well worth the investment. I was concerned about taking a class late in the day (Florida time 6PM - 10PM) because I'm an early riser. Had a fresh pot of coffee (my daughter works for Starbucks so I had her bring home the best they offer) but did not need it! Vanessa had my complete attention. She did a wonderful job of explaining how Forex works, how to navigate the MT4 platform and most important for me, how to work with the information provided in the charts to make successful trades.

Although I understand Stochastic and Moving Averages, learning how to apply those with Channel Breaks was something new. I look forward to applying this new information to trading the Forex. Vanessa also trained me how important it is to set-up stop losses and take profit points. In closing, Jarrett you are one lucky guy! Vanessa is a true professional and does a wonderful job training new other professionals, like me, that are looking at another options to generate an income for their family.

David Wearing
Tarpon Springs, Fl

Vanessa, I didn't have a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed the course and how good I felt about being successful with your techniques in the future.*
Bob Poitras - NC.

The course was excellent. I had been introduced to this system some time ago and tried to be consistent but knew I was ruining something. This course filled in those blanks and gives me the tools necessary to know how to trade this system. I am certain that with this data that I will be successful with this system and will use it. Thank you very much.*
Jit Master - FL

Vanessa has been of tremendous assistance to me in learning the basics and subtleties of FX trading. Her willingness to spend time with her traders and help with the learning process is beyond anything I have experienced from others who train traders. She has knowledge of the market that produces consistent successful trades and is willing to share that with others in her room. I feel fortunate that we have the opportunity to benefit from her training and friendship.*
Nolan Cage
Hutto, TX

Training in Clearwater, FL on May 12th & 13th was excellent!
It was well organized, well attended, and well presented. The best part is that I have specific strategies to trade at specific times, which allows me to fit trading into my otherwise very busy schedule.
I am also much clearer about different strategies & how to apply them.
Thank you for organizing this excellent training. *
Nancy Kettle
Tampa, Fl

I’m a new guy at this game and got a lot out of this seminar. Was great!
Understanding trend lines was the best for me. Each section I feel is very valuable and I’ll continue to learn.
Thanks much.*
Joe Lavin

Extremely valuable workshop. The strategies overall are brilliant. There were great teacher skills, great sense of humor, lots of active participation and there was ease in asking questions about anything not fully understood.
Techniques and strategy are brilliant and very workable; strategy that gives constant pips if followed exactly. These strategies should be utilized by all traders moving from Beginner Basics – as it is THE only strategy out there based strongly on technicals. It builds confidence.*
Kay Proctor
Austin, TX

This has been amazing! I got a lot more understanding on how to really get projections and it was just very educating for me as a young trader. I have been trading off and on for the last year or so. I can use this now, more so than before. Becoming a trader is possible with this system.*
Alan Jaye
Los Angeles, CA

Great workshop!
Trading strategies were presented in a simple-to-understand, step-by-step manner. Questions were also answered while explaining. I highly recommend these strategies.*
Moheb Iskander

This seminar pulled together loose ends, cleared up some confusion and had enough demonstrations and examples that attached to the theory.
The data is workable. The class was fun. It took a large body of information, nailed it down to the bare bones basics that can be easily used – starting tonight! Excellent teacher! Excellent assistant teacher and moderator.*
Dr. Cheryl Jaye

This was excellent!
Great job in keeping the workshop interactive and making sure all understood this specific trading style. Her understanding and willingness to share knowledge of the market and what’s happening and how to enter and exit is pure genius. We learned so much these 2 days and it was definitely needed.
I have been learning these strategies with Vanessa since November 2006.
I have learned to do price projections so I can determine exit strategies. I’ve learned so much. This is a system I’ll continue to trade and grow as a trader with its use. Please get a trading room using this system – it is needed!*
Ronda Jordan
Dallas, TX

This two day training has inspired me to get back to trading and becoming active again. Thanks Jarrett & Vanessa for making this happen this weekend. Well worth the time and cost!*
Dennis Haverty

I am very impressed with the training. Everything started to fall in place.
At the end of the two days I really understood the strategies a lot better than I expected. I bought the e-book about 3 months ago and the training brought it all together. Thanks for this wonderful training. *
Marc Caplan

I enjoyed the seminar this weekend. It has been very helpful and I feel it will improve my trading. My first strategy I’m going to try out is New York. I also find the price projection very helpful. It’s all been really helpful. I can’t wait to go home and try them out. I think it’s the way to keep perfecting the system. Well worth the trip!*
Lee Terry
Atlanta, GA

Thank you.
I was very pleased with everything. I can not think of one thing to add!*
Dennis Kuty
Orlando, Fl

All I can say is this was worth every minute of time spent.
The questions were answered clearly and within the same topic of conversation. The seminar and conversations were on track.
It really showed how much was understood in the FOREX market. The room you reserved was clean, comfortable and a nice format with the table set up. The next time you put on a Seminar, I will certainly attend.*
Laura Sweeney

The seminar was fantastic! Jam-packed with useful information. A great mother’s day gift! I realized how much I don’t know. Good teaching and I’m very impressed with these strategies. I’ll be referring to my manual daily until I feel very comfortable with each step. Thanks.*
Willie Jones

I got a good overview of these strategies and I like them.
I like that I can apply it. I like that it’s an easy system that can be learned by anyone. It’s a lot of information and I need to practice now in order to see it work for me.*
Thank you.
Brigitta Albrecht

1. This course gave me trade strategies for all times of the day.
2. Great things to know such as “the move at London’s close” and many others.
3. Great tricks on 15 & 3 minute charts. Buy and Sell signals in candlesticks etc.
4. Most of all, all the knowledge gained from this training past 2 days will help me as a trader. Thanks.*
Reggie Spiegelberg
Boulder, CO

This has been an excellent class. It has given me tons to organize my trading. Feels like I can predict and control my trading. I know I need to understand and apply it. Thanks to Vanessa and Jarrett for your efforts to share the data. Presented very well. I like the simplicity that I am anticipating will occur over time. Thanks so much.*
Ann Spiegelberg

In this seminar I learned a lot of different possibilities of what one can do when in a trade. I like it!! Thank you very much.*
Peter Hufnagel

Great class! Informative, detailed, well presented...
Looking forward to adding this information to my own trading.
Kudos to Jarrett & Vanessa for continued support for our trading community.*
Mic Moriarity

I loved this training and the gradient of it. I felt that I learned a lot and I plan to test this system in demo for a while and will join the Online Trading Room when it opens.*
Peggy Mitchell
Wesley Chapel, Fl

I flew in from Texas. Absolutely great. Glad I flew in.
Learned a lot. Very, very good seminar. I would, without hesitation, attend another seminar with Vanessa. The material was presented in an organized and easy to understand fashion. I left wanting to learn more.*
Joel DiSanti
Corpus Cristi, TX

This has been a tremendously enlightening course and fits my trading style and life schedule. I especially like the time frame trend lines.
This seminar was great in laying the basics and building on it.
Thank you.*
Anna Marie DiSanti

I learned quite a lot. There’s a lot of data. I need to do a lot of self study to make this data more real to me. I need to practice with it. I have confidence that those traders who utilize these methods with the rules become disciplined traders. Now I have to practice enough to be able to use it.
There was a guest speaker that allowed questions which were quite off topic and I was a bit distracted by the frequent interruptions that that guest speaker allowed.*
Richard Tinkelenberg

Excellent presentation. These strategies obviously “walk the talk”; great depth of information available. I got a new insight in trading FX which would not be available from any other source. Thank you for the opportunity to learn FX in this forum. Sincerely.*
John Weiss
Reno, NV

I loved this seminar. I feel I’ve learned very useful info about time frame Trend Lines. I’m looking forward to using it extensively, soon.
There was much more advanced information. I’ll put to use later, but it helped to be exposed to it early to gain familiarity with it.
I learned valuable info re: 3 minute chart and Stochastics to verify trades too. I’ll use that soon too. Thanks. *
Larry Redalia

I’ve been studying FOREX for 2 months and just getting the hang of Momentum trading. But I still have so many questions abut why or how things really work. So I came to this workshop and got so many answers and so many new ideas about how to do DAY trading and so many new tools!
I am so pleased and happy to have this information and am so happy to have encountered these strategies and learn to utilize them. I feel privileged that I have this information. Thanks a million! *
Steve Littler

Overall this seminar helped me a lot. I have seen specific actions and “what to do’s” which have expanded my knowledge and filled up some more of my bag of tools. I am really glad I attended this seminar. I’d like to see on a future seminar some practice sheets for individual use with real examples of what was being discussed. Maybe a “work pack” of some sort to provide hands on activities – for example: “Find specific patterns, calculate.” Also, one sheet to decide whether to enter a trade or not and then after its done a second sheet with the result and one can make play $$ for gains or pay out for losses.
Overall this was really good and I thank you for making it happen.*
Lucy Hughes

This has been great!
Best points were the 3 minute stochastics indicator for confirmations of Buys or Sells off the 15 minute chart..
Also the sequence of training skills comment was a keynote and should be stressed early to form alignment of the part of data. Would be great to have the traders meetings cover each of these points of the cycle steps – recognition of:
1) cycle high/low
2) Trend lines
3) Pattern 123 top, 123 bottom, leg 1, leg 2
4) Price projection
5) New York
6) Different entry points
With lots of drilling till we master each step.
That was the missing gradient for me till now. That it was a gradient.*
Phil Tunison

GREAT workshop!
I learned quite a lot. Now the problem is I have to put it into practice.*
Roshan Jhagan

Thanks so much for the invitation and for hosting and delivering these strategies here in Clearwater.
It is so much easier (and less subjective) than other strategies I’ve tried to use.*
Dee Baker
Tampa, FL

It’s been said that if you really want to learn something well, study with someone who’s mastered it. For me that person is Vanessa Buys. Van is a superb teacher. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank YOU, Vanessa.
I cannot wait to put this into practice!*
Judy T

* Disclosure:

Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particularly trading program.

One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk. Variables such as the ability to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses as well as maintaining adequate liquidity are material points which can adversely affect actual “live” trading results.

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