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This is a FOREX DEMO trading room incorporating five strategies learned in the Intermediate Course. These Forexchartscapes®™ DAY trading strategies provide entry and exit criteria at an intermediate level. It is a moderated FOREX trading room owned and operated by Vanessa Buys. Vanessa is a FOREX trader (since April 2005) who specializes in DAY trading, using a meticulously developed strategy she evolved over the past 6 years. These techniques encompass many known trading basics within the field of technical analysis. Some of these used by other technical analysis specialists but applied quite differently due to constantly changing global market conditions.*

This DEMO Trading Room is in the practical section of the Intermediate Course and is available to every student who completes the Intermediate Course. This room runs for a full month, three days each week as noted below for USA and AUSTRALIA time frames. The trading room moderator examines a currency pair in order to determine whether there is an entry criteria based on any one of the strategies learned and then will take the trade inclusive of a stop loss and take profit prices. The potential setup for each trade is verbalized and indicated on the chart ahead of trade execution. Details of the material taught on the theory section of the Intermediate Course will be discussed and demonstrated. Questions pertaining to the Intermediate Course material and trades being looked at in this session are appropriate.


To assist the trader in implementing the practical applications provided in the Intermediate Course as well as observing valid technical entry and exit points taught in the theory section of the Intermediate Course. This trading room is designed to help one recognize on currency charts in a live market the material taught in the theory of the Intermediate Course encompassing and utilizing all the tools and material at one’s disposal as documented on the Forexchartscapes®™ web site from Beginner’s Course up to and inclusive of the theory in the Intermediate Course.

It is expected that trading room members know and can refer to their materials so that the criteria theory is understood and the moderator is not required to train on the course or provide supplemental materials during the trading session. In other words, this is an Intermediate DEMO TRADING room vs. a TRAINING Room.

RULES of the Trading Room:
A trader may remark on anything related to the demo trading session as long as what you comment on is not being offensive to anyone. This includes profane language, purposely insulting other members of the room or using frustrating tones towards other members or the moderator; basically being impolite in the room. This room is not for solicitation purposes - advertising your company's services or products, nor is it for originating other topics that do not fall within the stated purpose of the demo trading room. Example: No one is there to hear about your hunting trip or other trading styles you might use.

You can always talk privately with anyone in the trading room by right clicking on a name and choosing "Private Text" when the drop-down box appears. This opens up a separate window for you to talk with the specific individual you want to say something to, that of course can be whatever you wish.


SCHEDULE:................................. SCHEDULE:
New York USA............................SYDNEY Australia
Tues./ Wed./Thurs....................Tue./Wed./Thurs.
06:00am – 07:00am USA ..........8:00pm–9:00pm


This is a moderated FOREX trading room specializing in DAY trading, which encompasses the workable strategies learned in the Forexchartscapes®™ Intermediate Course. The trading room operates 3 days/week; Tues, Wed and Thurs for one hour (06:00-07:00 AM New York USA), (8:00pm – 9:00pm Sydney Australia) times for 4 weeks, or 12 classes. Please check the Daylight Savings Time for Australia. The room will run at 6:00am, New York USA time.

The Intermediate DEMO Trading Room is not for beginners; one must have completed the Intermediate Course of the Forexchartscapes®™ program prior to having access to the Intermediate DEMO Trading Room. Entry points for potential trades are observed and indicated by the moderator each trading session and called ahead of trade execution. Eventually, a trader will see the trade entry point and no longer require the DEMO trading room but have the ability to move onto the next step, the Advanced Course.

It is important that you have the course material for reference purposes so you understand what is being covered in the room. This room is a DEMO TRADING room, not a “chat room” although you will get explanations from the moderator prior to taking trades and at exit points during the full hour.

As with our entire program, this skill is built on steps; you want to ensure that none are skipped. If you encounter any difficulty or feel there is too much to digest, our suggestion is that you go over any previous steps you have completed or notes before continuing or you have the moderator clarify the steps of executing any trades setting up during that hour.



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