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Description of what the Advanced Trading
Room "IS" and "IS NOT"

This is a FOREX trading room demonstrating DAY trading, encompassing the strategies learned in the Forexchartscapes®™ Intermediate and Advanced Courses found on this site. It is a moderated FOREX trading room owned and operated by Vanessa Buys. Vanessa is a FOREX trader (since April 2005) who specializes in DAY trading, using a meticulously worked out DAY trading strategy which she evolved over the past 6 years, that encompasses many known trading basics in technical analysis, used by other technical analysis specialists but perhaps applied quite differently within constantly changing global market conditions.*

Vanessa has traded and Beta-tested many strategies for herself and for specific FOREX companies and brokers. Those strategies produced less viability than the structured methods and rules she has evolved, combined with the constant monitoring of them with current market conditions, they always beat the other strategies, statistically. This is inclusive of all robots (“electronic trading”) she has tested for DAY trading purposes.

Please note: This room is not for beginners in FOREX; one must have their trading basics in first. It is also not for someone who hasn’t completed the Forexchartscapes®™ Intermediate Course and been in the Intermediate DEMO Trading Room first, as this would be an easier step to digest and implement than the Advanced Course technical strategies. This room is for those traders who have completed the theory on the Advanced Course which Vanessa delivers live, on-line, that gives a trader all the “set up” criteria for what is being observed and indicated in this trading room. These trades called by Vanessa are also taken by her in the trading room. These "setups" are observed each day and called ahead of trade execution. Eventually a trader will recognize the trade setup and no longer require the room; it is a self-eliminating mechanism. The room is not geared to "teach trading" – it is geared for you to TRADE with some guidance from a disciplined instructor whose purpose is to help others understand the theory studied on the courses and recognize what the mentor is looking at on a chart in a live market.

More about what this room is and isn’t:

This room is not for teaching the BASICS of general FOREX trading - candlestick formations, trend lines, geometric patterns or questions about how to operate your trade station/trading platform. These things need to be learned in the Forexchartscapes®™ Beginner’s Course and/or Intermediate Course on this site, or elsewhere. It is expected you are in this room with enough knowledge about the basics taught at lower levels to trade this strategy and to know what a "buy setup" is when it is indicated (for example). So, you need the course materials that define what the Forexchartscapes®™ DAY trading strategy comprises
. *

This is a trading room, not a chat room or a training room. People come into the room at different times, leave, come back - not everyone stays and observes the continuous recorded dialogue which shows what has transpired in the room. If you want to know what has been going on in the room you have to read the dialogue for the day located at ACTION and RECENT ROOM HISTORY. Comments from the moderator will pertain to the criteria previously observed, while setting up for trades, in as much time available prior to the trade occurring, so one has as much prediction as possible on the trade. For this reason you have to be familiar with the materials and criteria taught at this and lower steps, as there is not enough time for the moderator to cover these things and do her job – which is to provide trading guidance - PRIOR to trade execution. Once traders execute their trade they are responsible entirely for the maintenance and result of their own trade. If one is concerned about one's ability to manage a trade they should always be trading in a DEMO account and/or simply observe in this room and not execute trades until they are ready to do so.

Please do not be offended if the Moderator reposts the answer to your question from earlier text as opposed to voicing the answer again. Other traders in the room do not necessarily need to hear the answer to what you are asking, as they may be concentrating on executing a trade and have already understood and executed what you are trying to determine at the time. Again, this is a trading room.

Lastly, the moderator is not in the room to personally run your trade or to consult you OUT of a “bad” trade you may have gotten yourself into. There is no time to do this; the moderator’s responsibility is to everyone in the room, not to a single trader. Once a trader takes a trade it is their responsibility. The moderator’s attention is on voicing what she sees setting up so traders have as much prediction as possible. What is mentioned is almost always inclusive of alternatives or a “plan B” for the trade, so, if you are paying attention you will know what to do if the market suddenly changes direction or as we say “the trade goes south”.

If you are unsure, nervous or worried about “what might happen” it would be better for you to be DEMO trading until you have gained confidence on the strategies, have experienced more positive trades than negative ones in the room or, perhaps you may feel the need to redo a prior program step before doing any further trading in this room.

Advanced Trading Room Purpose

This trading room is designed to help one recognize on currency charts in a live market the material taught in the theory of the Advance Course while encompassing and utilizing all the tools and material at one’s disposal as documented on the Forexchartscapes®™ web site and, in the course material/manuals one has on hand subsequent to participating in the Forexchartscapes®™ Intermediate and Advanced Trading Rooms.

It is expected that trading room members know and can refer to their materials so that the criteria theory is understood and the moderator is not required to train on the course or provide supplemental materials during the trading session. In other words, this is an advanced TRADING room vs. a TRAINING Room.

If you find the room confusing or you think the moderator is “talking in code” or other such confusions, then you need to do the Forexchartscapes®™ Advanced Course and/or Intermediate Course, even if you have done it already! It is up to the moderator WHAT is explained and/or WHY she sees what she does. This is usually determined by how active the market is, how many currency pairs are being tracked and therefore how much time she has to comment on what she is explaining for others to look at.

RULES of the Trading Room:
A trader may remark on anything related to the trading session as long as what you comment on is not being offensive to anyone. This includes profane language, purposely insulting other members of the room or using frustrating tones towards other members or the moderator; basically being impolite in the room. This room is not for solicitation purposes - advertising your company's services or products, nor is it for originating other topics that do not fall within the stated purpose of the trading room. Example: no one in the room is there to hear about your fishing trip or other trading styles you might use.

No Fishing StoriesPlease No Trading Styles Discussion

You can always talk privately with anyone in the trading room by right clicking on a name and choosing "Private Text" when the drop-down box appears. This opens up a separate window for you to talk with the specific individual you want to say something to, that of course can be whatever you wish.


SCHEDULE for the EUROPE and LONDON sessions:

The moderator is available in this room during moderated session times but the room itself can be accessed during the remainder of the week at times the room is not being moderated should traders want the ability to look over Vanessa's charts.

Access to the room for those in the USA will be Sunday from 4:30 PM USA EST through Friday at 4:00 PM USA EST. For those traders in Australia the times are as follows: Monday 08:30 AM EST through Saturday 08:30 AM EST. The charts will be down holidays and when the FOREX market or brokerage houses are closed.

For USA Traders........................... For SYDNEY Traders
Tues/Wed/Thurs........................... Tues/Wed/Thurs
02:00 AM to 04:00 AM ...................4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
USA EST ......................................Sydney Time

SCHEDULE for the NEW YORK session:

For USA Traders........................ For SYDNEY Traders

Tues Wed Thurs........................Tues Wed Thurs
08:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST.........10:00 PM to 12:00 AM Sydney Time

Please ensure the daylight savings has been accounted for.


This is a FOREX trading room specializing in DAY trading, encompassing the strategies learned in the Forexchartscapes™ Intermediate and Advanced Courses.

This room is a TRADING room, not a CHAT room or even a TRAINING room although you will get explanations from the moderator when she can do this.

The moderator has beta-tested many strategies for FOREX companies and has found that what she teaches in her on-line courses on this site and trades in this advanced room produces pips and can be proven statistically through simple observation of a FREE TRIAL to the trading room.

The Advanced Trading Room is not for beginners; one must have completed the Intermediate Course and theory of the Advanced Course of the Forexchartscapes®™ program prior to starting this Trading Room.

The entry criteria observed and indicated by the moderator during each trading session is called ahead of trade execution. Eventually, a trader will see the trade entry criteria and no longer require the room in order to trade so the room is a self-eliminating mechanism. Some traders like being in this trading environment, the camaraderie with other traders and continuing to have the confirmation of the moderator calling the setups.

As far as we have determined there is no other FOREX DAY trading room available where setups for trades are called ahead of each trade, so that it is possible for anyone to execute these trades which also allows the trader to understand what the moderator sees and why. This is due to the fact that all questions are answered individually at the end of each trading session. This is a very unique combination of observing profitable trades being taken, which the trader may elect to execute simultaneously oneself and then ask any questions as to why or how this was done for each and every trading session.


The Advanced Trading Room is a subscription service that will need to be renewed each month should the trader elect to do so; it is not renewed automatically. So, one will need to pay attention to one’s subscription date and be responsible for renewing it yourself. There are no reminders sent to you. If your subscription runs out the codes will change and you will not have access to the room until you re-subscribe – so, take notice of your start date. It is one month exactly to the day you need to renew to keep from losing access. When you renew you will be sent the new codes.

There are no refunds for this room or credit given for “going on vacation”. You have subscribed to a monthly service that is hosted by a live moderator who works each trading day as noted above, 50 weeks a year and puts in 12+ hours a week in the advanced room whether you show up in the room each day or for all sessions or not.

REGISTER below. Cost is $195.00 Monthly USD or AUD

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Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particularly trading program.

One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk. Variables such as the ability to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses as well as maintaining adequate liquidity are material points which can adversely affect actual “live” trading results.

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